Xeriscaping in Penticton

We’re proud to offer xeric landscaping services to the residents and businesses of Penticton. If you’re ready for a landscaping service that respects your budget, local climate, and the needs of our planet, look no further than our specialized xeriscape landscaping. Call us today at (250) 486-3146 to set up a consultation!

Our Specialized Xeriscape Landscaping Approach Is Good for the Planet and You

Xeriscaping is a means of landscaping that emphasizes water conservation. Drought-tolerant plants are a big and important part of the system, but the xeriscaping process is so much more than that. At Allscapes Exteriors Ltd, we’ve developed a specialized xeriscaping system that carefully attunes your soil, irrigation, and plants to the needs of your space.

Our Xeriscape Assessments and Designs

During our assessment visit we will analyze your soil for the kinds of plants it can easily sustain. We’ll determine how to group plants together in your space so that after use is maximized. This process involves figuring out how exactly you can expect your soil to retain moisture while assuring proper drainage. We’ll also treat your soil as necessary if it needs more nutrients or other additions.

Our site designs consider the best places for grass, walkways, and other spaces you need for activities or movement. Our well-designed xeriscape landscape can incorporate lush grass or turf and will efficiently conserve water. We can even make sure that any excess water runs into other plants and waters them, so nothing is wasted.

Proper Maintenance for Xeriscape Plants

Allscapes Exteriors Ltd is effective at plant grouping. We know plants, and we know that different plants have different needs. A well-maintained xeriscape landscape means that plants with similar needs will be grouped together so that you can be sure to maximize water efficiency. We can group plants by soil and light needs, to keep maintenance to an absolute minimum and make sure all your plants are well taken care of and healthy.

We also offer other services for your lawn maintenance, such as mulching and irrigation systems. Mulching can protect your soil from erosion, save water by limiting evaporation, and make your flowers really pop. Get in touch with us today to be filled in on the latest irrigation techniques that we have to offer––a science that’s only getting more efficient every day.

Sustainable Xeriscape Landscaping

At Allscapes Exteriors Ltd we’ve finely-tuned our system to make drought-friendly landscaping almost completely drought-tolerant. Landscaping doesn’t have to be a luxury that taxes the environment. With the right contractor on your side, you can be well on your way to almost completely sustainable landscape design that saves you money and helps combat climate change.

Call Allscapes Exteriors Ltd Today for Sustainable Landscape Design in Penticton!

Call us today to set up an initial assessment visit, so we can start the process of building you a beautiful, cost-effective, and sustainable green space. Our xeriscape plants and drought-resistant landscape design doesn’t just give you results you can be proud of, it can increase the curb appeal of your property, or even increase your overall market value. With so many ways to benefit, don’t delay calling Allscapes Exteriors Ltd today!